"It's perfect for the apartment, our mother-in-laws and daughters daycare. An absolute game changer."

- Dr. Osler

The Juno Bassinet offers child care organizations an infant sleep solution that is Trusted by Organizations, Built for Care Giving and Better for Newborn Sleep.

It complies with CPSC bassinet standards, ASTM F2194-13 and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) standards.


Trusted by Organizations

"This safe, cozy, lightweight sleeping structure that can be effortlessly transported from room to room" -

"Built to last, fully recyclable, and great for travel, this bassinet checks all the boxes what we look for in a safe sleep environment for newborn." - Pampers

"A Better Bassinet" - TIME

"It’s a lightweight, portable bedside sleeper that’s also eco-friendly, fully recyclable, and incredibly sturdy." - Lucies List

Built for Care Giving

Maximize your space and time. Setup only takes 30 seconds or less allowing you to store multiple bassinets in a small space when not in use. Effortless setup that requires no tools for error free installation. The Juno Bassinet compacts to 1/10th it's size and includes a Travel Box for convenient storage.

Provide parents a personal touch. The Juno Bassinet comes in three modern patterns to choose from. Offer them greater personalization by providing individual sleep spaces for their baby. Freely add a babies name directly to the bassinet to differentiate between each bassinet.

Engineered around children. A unique 2-ply structural corrugate offers an exceptionally strong patented structure that far exceeds bassinet requirements; conforms to U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and JPMA standards. 

Better for Newborn Sleep

Babies sleep soundly. The solid walls surrounding baby offers less distractions, a cocooning feeling that has led pediatric nurses to voice their love for the Juno Bassinet over mesh sided bassinets. A breathable mattress with our patented design allows air to flow through the bassinet. Providing a comfortable and natural sleep space for infants to rest better.


Naturally durable. Parents love that the Juno Bassinet is Made in the USA with natural materials such as 100% organic cotton, sustainably-certified paperboard and breathable foam. The bassinet has been coated to be water-repellent making it easy to clean and simple to maintain for the life time of it's use. Guaranteed.


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