Preparing for Parenthood - Dr. Allison Feldt

For new parents, the first nights at home with a newborn can feel scary and overwhelming – not to mention the physical impacts of childbirth that mom is still experiencing. We turned to Dr. Allison Feldt, author and pregnancy/postpartum specialist, to get her expert advice on how to best prepare for childbirth and life with a newborn.

Q: How was your experience with the Juno Bassinet?

For my third baby, who was born in July 2021, I used the Juno Bassinet and have been over the moon with this piece of baby equipment. It's so easy to move and slide around my room. I can easily pick it up and bring it on an overnight. The mattress is comfy for my baby and it's pretty cute too. I love that it's completely recyclable when we are ready to be done with it.

Q: What do you love most about your job?

Knowing that the support I give women and birthing people will help them be present in their lives, by eliminating pain and allowing them to be confident, active, and strong.

    Q: What is your ultimate tip for expecting mothers?

    Advocate for yourself every step of the way. Find a provider that respects you, advocate for the birth and postpartum care you want and need, and don’t hesitate to ask for help. And ultimately, give yourself the gift of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy during pregnancy. It will absolutely change your life and improve your delivery.

      Q: What are the main concerns parents have when bringing a baby home on the first night?

      Many people are in pain, completely exhausted, and nervous to keep their baby alive. It's hard to navigate newborn life when you don’t feel in control of yourself. I recommend communicating with your partner or support system and letting them know your fears and allowing them to help. You don’t have to do it all alone and it’s often best to get that support in the early days.

        Q: What are the characteristics of a safe sleeping environment?

        I recommend a space free of clutter. So no stuffed animals or extra blankets in the crib or bassinet and somewhere close to where you will be resting so you have quick access to the baby. All my babies have benefited from being tightly swaddled for nighttime sleep.

          Q: What do you look for in a quality baby product, specifically for infants?

          Natural fabrics, that are easy to clean and well made, and safe. (Learn more about Juno's materials)

            Q: What is your ultimate tip for helping baby to sleep?

            Follow what fits your family best. If you need to be baby wearing or bedtime is later or maybe there are more or less naps happening than your friend's babies just know that every baby is different and every family is different and what matters is that your baby is healthy so if sleep is a concern be sure to reach out to your pediatrician and a pediatric sleep coach.

            Q: Where can parents reach and learn more about you?

            You find more information about our services at and on our IG @bodymotionpt or purchase my book “Restore Your Body After Kids The Secret To Avoid Peeing Your Pants And Achy Joints As You Age".


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